Palo Santo Bath Gift Set

Palo Santo Bath Gift Set

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With Christmas and birthdays in mind, we have created our Bath Gift Set. Packaged in a recycled cotton cloth bag, it contains a selection of our most popular all-natural, cruelty-free and multi-use Palo Santo infused bath care products, it is a great gift for the spiritual seeker, or to take with you while traveling, festival hoping or retreat emerging.

It is also great for those who wish to sample offerings from our product range!

Our standard PALO SANTO BATH GIFT SET contains:

  • 1 Sacred Scent Candle -vegan Sox wax, hand-poured into a handmade & reusable wooden cup- 40+ burning hours
  • 1 Bath Salt & Body Glow - For soaking sore muscles & exfoliating the skin leaving it soft and lightly scented with sublime Palo Santo.
  • 1 Sacred Botanical Massage & Body Oil 60 ml - to top off this next level bath experience!  
  • Organic Cotton Travel Tote
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Want to customize your set?

We encourage guests to customize a gift set.

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We are happy to customize loving greetings for this special gift! 

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