Croton Lechleri - Raw & Pure Tree Sap
Croton Lechleri - Raw & Pure Tree Sap

Croton Lechleri - Raw & Pure Tree Sap

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This ancient, magical, plant resin sourced from the Croton Lechleri tree in South America is renowned for its unique healing properties.

Also called 'Sangre De Grado' (dragon's blood) the naturally dark red sap has known anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

It can help in treating wounds, injuries, scrapes, bites, wounds, stings, rashes, and skin problems.

Applying this sap topically also forms a barrier-like second skin that soothes and shields it from environmental damage.

A couple of drops can be added to water to aid with different gastrointestinal conditions.

Now in a 10ml bottle, the sap lasts ages as a few drops are all that is required. 

Our product is:

  • 100% pure Sangre De Grado (Croton Lechleri) 'DRAGONS BLOOD' tree sap.
  • Direct from South America
  • Wildcrafted & Sustainably Harvested
  • Available in 30ml by request


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