Sacred Body Rituals has been lovingly created by Amy Cordeau with the vision of expanding the healing benefits & emotive experience created by the presence & scent of sacred woods in ceremonial settings & to bring these unique botanicals into everyday life.

Amy has participated in numerous ritual healing & initiation ceremonies worldwide & while seeking out the infinite knowledge of these traditions, she was captivated by the powerful scents often present in these unique practices.

Especially drawn to the magical scent of Palo Santo whilst on a trip to South America, Amy went on a mission to ethically source some of its potent oil. She then returned to her home in South East Asia with the intention of creating top quality, all natural spa botanicals infused with this South American plant magic & from there the Sacred Body Rituals journey began…. 

By infusing these powerful woods into daily use products, our aim is to transform your daily routines into your own sacred rituals.

Furthermore, SBR was born with a deep desire to support local artisanal projects & initiatives which give back to our regional & further flung traditional communities. 

May we all continue to thrive & share wisdom...