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Why We Do What We Do?

All our products are curated & made with LOVE & HONOR for you to ENJOY.

OUR ETHOS // LOVE                             

Sacred Body Rituals is a new generation of old world inspired personal care & botanical lifestyle products.

All of our select ingredients are ethically sourced & sustainably harvested worldwide & products are passionately curated & expertly formulated.

Our 100% natural bespoke personal care products are all freshly handmade in small batch format. They are sulphate & paraben free & never tested on animals.


COMMUNITY & SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY // HONOR.                              

Sacred Body Rituals was inspired by rituals and deep-rooted traditions & this is woven into the very fabric of our company.

As a regenerative business we strive to give back to the environment and communities where our products are made & sourced in hopes of contributing to the preservation of these sacred plants, places and practices.

Every purchase of our Palo Santo oil & wood funds a conservation project in Ecuador that works with the local community in preserving, protecting & regenerating the Palo Santo (Bursera Gravolens) tree & forests.

Further collaborations include a collective of Amazonian tribes’ women in Peru, who hand weave the traditional & artisanal textiles featured in our collection on our website.


Rapidly gaining popularity for its deeply emotive scent, Palo Santo takes us back to times of ceremony, meditation, transformation & grounding.

From our love of Palo Santo, we’ve blended its heavenly oil into an uplifting magical fragrance & infused this with South East Asia's finest spa botanicals.

Our intention was to create new, sustainable & enjoyable ways to incorporate the many powerful benefits of our beloved Palo Santo in to daily use products.