Dragon’s Blood: Pure Sangre De Grado Resin

Dragon’s Blood: Pure Sangre De Grado Resin

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Discover the ancient secret of the Amazon with our Dragon’s Essence, the pure sap of the Croton Lechleri tree, also known as Sangre De Grado or Dragon’s Blood. This magical plant resin, sourced directly from the lush forests of South America, is celebrated for its profound healing properties.

Renowned for its vibrant, naturally dark red hue, Dragon’s Blood is a potent remedy for a variety of skin ailments including cuts, bites, stings, and rashes. When applied topically, it forms a protective second skin, soothing irritations and shielding against environmental damage.

Beyond its topical uses, a few drops of this potent sap added to water can provide relief for gastrointestinal conditions, making it a versatile addition to your wellness regimen.

Product Details:

100% Pure: Unadulterated Sangre De Grado sap.
Long-Lasting: Only a few drops needed; available in a 10ml bottle, with 30ml bottles available by request.
Sustainably Harvested: Wildcrafted with care for environmental sustainability.
Embrace the power of Dragon’s Essence and integrate the wisdom of ancient traditions into your health and skincare practices.


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